Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween Live-in-4Skin
Happy Halloween to all, obviously I'm not sittin' at my front door waitin' for all the little varmints I don't know to come trickin' me outta some candy.
I ain't got no candy..if I did I'd be eatin' it myself!
I turned the light off , & went to Joe's garage for a couple/few beers.
..flashback to Halloween 1980
I was 'tendin bar at the 'Rigger and dressed as some kinda stud with short shorts and a flashy shirt.
Hangin out of my shorts was "Wally" the 12 inch HUGE "deck", johnson, schlong, that my wife got as a joke for her birthday one year.
He was strapped to my leg with a bandana.
My BFF's Mom came in that night & ordered a drink..she looked down and saw Wally, and said "That's disgusting" and left...oh well.
..and Big ol Wally has been around..
My friend Drooper & I were moving my stuff to a new place once, & Wally was strapped onto the front pushbar on a big ass Dodge Ramcharger a lot of doubletakes & damn near caused an accident!
Wally has since disappeared..lost in the shuffle..or somewhere.
...if you see him lemme know..he's about 12 inches long, 3 inches around, and wears a helmet of some sort.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pissin' in The Wind Jerry Jeff Walker, one of the Greatest artists ever! we go..
Cody usually wakes me at 3:30 am..he's stealing my smelly slippers, socks, or underwear..never eats 'em..just likes to steal 'em.
4:30 he really wants me to get up
I set my alarm for 5:01 am but I usually get up anyway...he's gotta pee like a racehorse..usually I do to..and I hafta find my slippers.
..So I get to pee first, cuz he must have a bladder the size of an elephant..and I don't..mine's more like a sparrow..I warm up of a leftover Cup-o-Joe..cuz I know he can wait 90 more seconds..grab a smoke & try to find my lighter..and finally BDAY, and Chip get to go out & drain the main vein..they usually won't leave the deck until I join them ,(that'll change when it's 20 below) I'll have my smoke..a 100, B4 Cody's done pissin'... he pisses for a LONG time..then I go get ready fer werk..let 'em out a couple more times...& of course when I'm ready to leave ..he's on patrol..checkin' out all the rabbit "shet" that may be around the yard..we go through the same process after work!...more later..WT
(fiona..I thought fer a minute u wer refferin' to me..c ya WT)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Loose Leaves

Rented leaves

Ahh yes the leaves are falling again here in lovely minisoda ..."ya know it's like a BIG soda but smaller"

The neighbors are all out rakin' their arses off..but why?..there are still leaves on the many feckin times ya wanna rake anyway?

I like rakin' it's nonce, cuz I no longer own my leaves, I rent them.

I was blabbin' to the crabber man (my neighbor) today & he asked when I'm gonna rake my leaves.

"Not my leaves, sides that why dontcha wait til the feckin trees are bare!"

"Wait even longer & they'll all blow down to the dope dealers house at the end of the street!" ta hell with rakin rented leaves that'll blow away anyway, I'm gonna keep workin' on my alphabetizing CDs where it's warm. the way Loose Leaves is by Brighteyes..guess I coulda gone with blowin' in the wind..

Thanks to fiona for the "feckin" permits & poo for the "Grabby Bunghole!!" c ya

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Don't eat the yellow snow...Zappa

Nanook the eskimoe...OMG..I said earlier that the weather was shetty..NOW it's feckin snowin' ta beat hell!.."although"..(I love that wird)..I guess that's pretty normal for my location at this time of year..maybe I'll go make a snowman=)

It's a beautiful day U2

actually it's a shetty day..."although" (apparently I like that wird, cuz I use it a lot) any day that you wake up on should be considered a good day..cuz you woke up..I was gonna mow the leaves off of the backyard, but the feckin mower won't's cold & windy as hell..I'll just stay in my warm basement & blog & maybe vak..(my new wird 4 vacuum..cuz vacuum is a pain in the ass to 'member how to spell)..obviously I'm kind of a chatty Cathy today..not much else to do..did you know that the ABC song & Twinkle Twinkle Little Star are one in the same?..worth a mention, cuz I'm 'bout to alphabetize my CD collection in my warm basement..I'll letcha know how that goes later..c ya, WT

American Idiot

OK..I'm kinda likin' this song postin' thing...butttt...I'm tryin' to figure out how to put all these images into my posting, so my blog will be as cool as those I follow..gimme time & I'll FTFO or you could just send me some advice..later..I'll keep tryin' to FTFO..WT

I'm the Slime

..apparently..I'm sittin' here contemplating what to write..maybe that means I shouldn't write at all..but I'm gonna suck it up & suffer through it. apparently, I'm the Slime (Frank Zappa, by the way) on my Facebook. I've been defriended by both of my kids, one cuz I commented on a picture of Edward 40 hands..a guy with two 40 oz's duct taped to his hands..the other, cuz I spoke to one of their friends about his impeccable taste in music..I guess that is taboo old neighbor also ditched me, I'm guessing cuz of my link to this blog which may have been to..shall I say "risque" for his tastes..guess I don't care much about other peoples "tastes"..and I'll just keep writin' whatever the hell I want...'sides I've got plenty of other friends..there, I'm done venting..have I been venting?..seems that way..better do a spellcheck..lotta .75 cent wirds in this..later WT

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Almost cut my hair

I'm gonna try this song title posting thing too..CSNY..actually I did cut my hair..took my Peyton Manning picture in & said I want it cut like sideburns..been workin' for me for years..went to Great Clips, and had a GUY cut it..never seen a guy there before..he was a computer programmer cuttin' hair at Great Clips..go figure..anyways I was the chatty Cathy, bein' that I just read Figaro..I was talkin' blogs with him..told him I'd probably be writing about him in a few minutes, and referred him to Mental Poo for some laughs..he even wrote it down..hope he enjoys you mooog..I feel much better & lighter headed now..left a big pile of gray shet on the floor..I mean hair..c ya WT

Joe's Garage..Zappa

Time Out...whenever I get sicka cleanin' , bloggin', or whatever mundane task I may be doing at the time, I'll grab a couple beers & head to the "Man Garage"..a place not far from here where you can smoke, drink, and bitch and/or delight about life's pleasures and complaints. It's a great place to go..better than any bar..great posters on the door..(when it's the colder seasons) can even smash yer beer cans on the floor...gotta p? ..( just go out back..if yer a guy after dark =)... There's always a good football or baseball game, or some good Rock-n-Roll on the radio..if it's Rock, we can pretty much name every tune, and the history of the band playing it..until later, when the cans start to pile up..send me some stuff about yer "Garage"/Time Out place
check out the new pics...WT

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm a lazy guy...Slobberbone

I just took time away from this obsessive drivel of mine to do something constructive...vacuuming, a word I'm always challenged to spell correctly.
Cody can leave a full canister of hair per day on the carpet, so I could vacuum everyday..but I don't. I lost my train of thought..don't drink & blog, find a friend to blog you home..oh yeah, have ya ever been almost done vacuuming, and the cord comes out of the wall..does that NOT piss you off ! "feckin' betch" the first time & "feckin' kent" the second time! I had to go a whole length of the cord away & plug the fecker back in!...It's as bad as not bein' able to find the feckin remote when you're three feet from the TV!..anyways the carpet is clean..Chip loves to lay on clean carpet. Thanks for the use of your wird many times did I use it Abbott?
'nuf 4 now..I'm goin' to the kennel for a's shetty weather here.
..damn, I did a spell check, and got feckin' vacuuming right everytime!
although "feckin'" popped up quite a few times..
later weirdtales

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Current 89.3

Has anyone checked out the Current 89.3 website yet?
It's the only station I listen to, and it streams nationwide..maybe worldwide.
They don't play your overkilled "Classic Rock", and none of the the Top 40 BS!
Always something new & different..which is good in my opinion.
I've purchased a lot of my music based on what I heard on The Current.
...and, no I don't work for them, although I have donated to them.
I just think it's a great station that's worth checkin' out.
Give it a listen & lemme know what ya think.."Expand your Playlist"

Monday, October 20, 2008

7 Questions Trivia True or False

Based upon my blog, answer these questions True or's easy if you read my blog!..IF you think they're false. ..give the correct answers..
Good luck

1.Chip & Carl are "Soulmates"
2.Cody & Chip's toy is stuck in the tree.
3.I smoke in the kennel when it's raining.
4.Death Cab For Cutie sucks.
5.Cody ate a baby rabbit whole without a bite.
6.Amazon. com: 1-866-216-1073 (tough one)
7.Carl Spackler was a looper. (another tough one)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Hello, I'm still here. I got involved in learning how to Facebook..which is tougher than this..must be cuz I'm too old, & Facebook is for the younger generation (my kids)..anyways my old next door neighbor asked me to be his friend..on Facebook that is.."not that there's anything wrong with that" (Seinfeld) aaand, I all ready had an account, so I answered him & started updating my account..haven't seen him in 30 years so it was kinda cool... my kids are even my friends!...Soooo I've been spending vast amounts of constructive house cleaning time sitting her learning how to type.
The computer debacle is finally over and it works. I'll tell you about "Sharkrunners" in my next post..another great way to spend my time...but they're all fun..check it out until then @ enter "Hargo" under Search for Player & that's me at 1.29 million dollars.
more later...c ya 4 now, weirdtales

Friday, October 10, 2008

Carl n Cody

As promised I'll write some funny stuff about two of my best friends, Carl and Cody. They are both pictured on my blog.
Cody is a yellow lab..about 80 lbs...beautiful dog..runs and leaps like horse! in Carl Spackler, named by my an an 8 lb. tabby/tiger looking cat who found us as we were sitting around our fire pit one night...and he moved in =)..please post if anyone knows who Carl Spackler is..I'll give you a hint..He's a "Cinderella Boy"
Anyways, Carl was about 3 lbs when he "found us" and Cody and Carl became "soul mates"..Carl has all his claws and can certainly handle himself against now you know the history..
They grew up chasing and attacking each other, and they still do.
FUNNY STUFF: Cody will be laying on the floor, and Carl will just come up and attack him..bite onto his flabby lips, chew on his legs, and hang off his collar.
Cody will retaliate by putting his huge paw on Carl and gently chewing on his head..they'll go at it for quite a while..depends how much catnip Carl has had=)
MORE FUNNY STUFF: Cody..the horse like dog will go running across our big backyard after Carl..just when he gets there Carl will leap 3 feet into the air and Cody will run under him..Carl runs up a tree and waits for Cody, jumps out and attack him..they're truly "soul mates" hilarious to watch!
GROSS STUFF: Cody can be two floors away from Carl, as Carl is in his box takin' a shit...Cody will jump up at the smell to run down and grab his "Snack"..he loves cat shit!
REALLY GROSS STUFF: Carl was in our big backyard one day & caught a baby rabbit..Cody was out & heard the sqeeeeeeeeeeeealing of the rabbit...ran over & stole it from Carl & swallowed it whole..not a bite..ish..yuk!
Now you know about two of my pets.."The Soul mates"
They're laying next to each other right now.
send me some pet stories if you want..
I'll end now..c ya.. weirdtales

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Reagan was my hero? Comments?

What did you all think of Senator McCains comment of Reagan being his "hero"?..not much for me...I shouldn't really say "you all"- or "y'all" cuz nobody has posted to me yet =( ...I'm sure someone will someday, I think I have all my settings correct so anyone can read finally quit raining here, was a beautiful day (another good band) ...I'm not from Satellite Beach but I've been there..took that picture myself, it was beautiful, even after a recent hurricane..lemme know what you think, or send any helpful tips for new bloggers...later ...weirdtales