Saturday, October 25, 2008

Almost cut my hair

I'm gonna try this song title posting thing too..CSNY..actually I did cut my hair..took my Peyton Manning picture in & said I want it cut like sideburns..been workin' for me for years..went to Great Clips, and had a GUY cut it..never seen a guy there before..he was a computer programmer cuttin' hair at Great Clips..go figure..anyways I was the chatty Cathy, bein' that I just read Figaro..I was talkin' blogs with him..told him I'd probably be writing about him in a few minutes, and referred him to Mental Poo for some laughs..he even wrote it down..hope he enjoys you mooog..I feel much better & lighter headed now..left a big pile of gray shet on the floor..I mean hair..c ya WT