Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Current 89.3

Has anyone checked out the Current 89.3 website yet?
It's the only station I listen to, and it streams nationwide..maybe worldwide.
They don't play your overkilled "Classic Rock", and none of the the Top 40 BS!
Always something new & different..which is good in my opinion.
I've purchased a lot of my music based on what I heard on The Current.
...and, no I don't work for them, although I have donated to them.
I just think it's a great station that's worth checkin' out.
Give it a listen & lemme know what ya think.."Expand your Playlist"


fiona said...

wirdtales "I'm listening"

weirdtales said...

Hey fiona, at least I spelt yer name right.."wirdtales"?..anyway, glad you figured the fecker out..oops is that patent infringement? I'm listening right now also, Andrew Byrd was just on. I stream it @ 128K through my iTunes..sounds good! So how'd ya like it? and do you know of any similar stations online around the country? ..by the way I love Mental Poo the blog yer followin', so am I..he's feckin hilarious!..oops 'nother lawsuit.
c ya, weirdtales

fiona said...

Hey you!
What can I say "Wird" was I drunk again...sigh
YOU can use my "ftfo" phrase cos I like ya.
I'll try to stream, it's great.
Yep Mental is indeed Mental makes me lol every day
Look forward to reading you tomorrow