Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Hello, I'm still here. I got involved in learning how to Facebook..which is tougher than this..must be cuz I'm too old, & Facebook is for the younger generation (my kids)..anyways my old next door neighbor asked me to be his friend..on Facebook that is.."not that there's anything wrong with that" (Seinfeld) aaand, I all ready had an account, so I answered him & started updating my account..haven't seen him in 30 years so it was kinda cool... my kids are even my friends!...Soooo I've been spending vast amounts of constructive house cleaning time sitting her learning how to type.
The computer debacle is finally over and it works. I'll tell you about "Sharkrunners" in my next post..another great way to spend my time...but they're all fun..check it out until then @ enter "Hargo" under Search for Player & that's me at 1.29 million dollars.
more later...c ya 4 now, weirdtales


AbbotOfUnreason said...

Hey, I tagged you. Isn't that the cat's meow?

weirdtales said...

I saw that you tagged weirdtales numerous what do I do now, I've tagged my kids pictures on Facebook, but that's all I know about tagging. Do you Facebook also? Thanks for the comment & tag, I haven't gotten many...yer blog continues to be good reading by the way..I may add some stuff to mine tonight.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

I can't seem to get thrilled about facebook; don't know why.

This tag thing is more like the game tag. I don't usually like these things because I don't like to bother other people, but it's a good way to get people to see you're out there (because they'll follow the link from my place to yours and yours to the next person). I tagged you seven times because I didn't want to tag anyone else but I thought you might like the traffic (or what there is of it I can provide).

The idea is that you follow the instructions (write a blog post with the same question and your own answers) and then tag someone else to do the same. Also, put a remark back on my post to say you've done it (this makes people go look).

usually, these are like: 'randomize your ipod songs and tell us the first 5 no matter how embarrassing' or 'list the five scariest dogs you've ever petted.' That kind of thing. This one is more interactive because you're also asking people to guess what you're lying about.

In the olden days, we just called these "ice breakers."

weirdtales said...

I agree about yer tag opinion, I don't want bother other people either, although I've started following some more blogs, as you'll see on my own. As far as Facebook goes, so far I've met a few good old friends..and a bunch of my kid's friends I'm sure they wouldn't like me to meet, which is fine, I'm just looking for my own friends. Since I'm following more blogs now, I think I'll just post 7 T or F questions based upon my blog to attract more traffic. Isn't that the cat's (Carl's) meow?
c ya weirdtales