Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm a lazy guy...Slobberbone

I just took time away from this obsessive drivel of mine to do something constructive...vacuuming, a word I'm always challenged to spell correctly.
Cody can leave a full canister of hair per day on the carpet, so I could vacuum everyday..but I don't. I lost my train of thought..don't drink & blog, find a friend to blog you home..oh yeah, have ya ever been almost done vacuuming, and the cord comes out of the wall..does that NOT piss you off ! "feckin' betch" the first time & "feckin' kent" the second time! I had to go a whole length of the cord away & plug the fecker back in!...It's as bad as not bein' able to find the feckin remote when you're three feet from the TV!..anyways the carpet is clean..Chip loves to lay on clean carpet. Thanks for the use of your wird many times did I use it Abbott?
'nuf 4 now..I'm goin' to the kennel for a's shetty weather here.
..damn, I did a spell check, and got feckin' vacuuming right everytime!
although "feckin'" popped up quite a few times..
later weirdtales


fiona said...

Headache today darlin?

weirdtales said...

No, I'm sicka beer & I'm thinkin' of a martini..just kiddin'...actually I'm busy pissin' my Facebook friends off cuz they can't take my humor, I assume =(. I got rid of one friend today, one left me, and my kids defriended me. Oh well, I have other friends, and I always have my dogs and Carl=)
What kind of horses do you have?