Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm the Slime

..apparently..I'm sittin' here contemplating what to write..maybe that means I shouldn't write at all..but I'm gonna suck it up & suffer through it. apparently, I'm the Slime (Frank Zappa, by the way) on my Facebook. I've been defriended by both of my kids, one cuz I commented on a picture of Edward 40 hands..a guy with two 40 oz's duct taped to his hands..the other, cuz I spoke to one of their friends about his impeccable taste in music..I guess that is taboo old neighbor also ditched me, I'm guessing cuz of my link to this blog which may have been to..shall I say "risque" for his tastes..guess I don't care much about other peoples "tastes"..and I'll just keep writin' whatever the hell I want...'sides I've got plenty of other friends..there, I'm done venting..have I been venting?..seems that way..better do a spellcheck..lotta .75 cent wirds in this..later WT


AbbotOfUnreason said...

Wow, I didn't know you could get defriended. And by your own kids. Ouch.

weirdtales said...

I'll get over it..still got my dogs and Carl..they'll never defriend me =)

fiona said...

I bags patent on that one.
Defriended is better than dedaddied I guess??