Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween Live-in-4Skin
Happy Halloween to all, obviously I'm not sittin' at my front door waitin' for all the little varmints I don't know to come trickin' me outta some candy.
I ain't got no candy..if I did I'd be eatin' it myself!
I turned the light off , & went to Joe's garage for a couple/few beers.
..flashback to Halloween 1980
I was 'tendin bar at the 'Rigger and dressed as some kinda stud with short shorts and a flashy shirt.
Hangin out of my shorts was "Wally" the 12 inch HUGE "deck", johnson, schlong, that my wife got as a joke for her birthday one year.
He was strapped to my leg with a bandana.
My BFF's Mom came in that night & ordered a drink..she looked down and saw Wally, and said "That's disgusting" and left...oh well.
..and Big ol Wally has been around..
My friend Drooper & I were moving my stuff to a new place once, & Wally was strapped onto the front pushbar on a big ass Dodge Ramcharger a lot of doubletakes & damn near caused an accident!
Wally has since disappeared..lost in the shuffle..or somewhere.
...if you see him lemme know..he's about 12 inches long, 3 inches around, and wears a helmet of some sort.