Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Reagan was my hero? Comments?

What did you all think of Senator McCains comment of Reagan being his "hero"?..not much for me...I shouldn't really say "you all"- or "y'all" cuz nobody has posted to me yet =( ...I'm sure someone will someday, I think I have all my settings correct so anyone can read finally quit raining here, was a beautiful day (another good band) ...I'm not from Satellite Beach but I've been there..took that picture myself, it was beautiful, even after a recent hurricane..lemme know what you think, or send any helpful tips for new bloggers...later ...weirdtales

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AbbotOfUnreason said...

As I remember my time in the South, you could use "y'all" to mean pretty much any number of people, even 1. :)

I wouldn't worry too much about non-posters yet. I think it took me about five months to get my first comment. Of course, back then, we didn't have a comment mechanism built into Blogger, so it was kinda shaky. Even now, after five years I only have three regular commenters and one of them is my next-door neighbor.

So I'm the last to give advice, but since I'm the first here, I'll try this: I think you you should answer questions that you ask. That a) gives people a starting point and b) gives people searching something to find. Like you asked about chili recipes. If you put one up, you're more likely to get hit on a search than if you just ask about them. Or that first post about playlists, what playlist did you start with and what did it give you? Then ask for others.

It helps, too, I think, to figure out what you're trying to accomplish by having a blog. Make a post about why you decided to blog.

Oh, and read other blogs and comment. That seemed to work to bring me over to look!

Gosh, that was pompous. Sorry. I do ramble. That's a lovely picture of the shoreline and your animal companions look nice. It's weird that "weird tales" stopped by my blog right after I changed its name away from "swapping tales".

So, welcome to the blogosphere.