Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dazed and Confused

My description of Holiday weeks..Wednesday seemed like Friday, Thursday seemed like Saturday..woke up late Thursday night, and thought "Shit, I gotta go to work in the mornin'!"...Friday seemed like Friday..not bad to have two Fridays in one week! actually is Saturday & me guid brither & his nickums are coming over for smoked John Hardys turkey..there's sure to be much glaikerie & haivers with no harns at all!...later on we'll probably hyster out to the fire pit with our hummie doddies, & plenty of jorum to keep us warm!..
..lee lang

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Movie Reviews..Robert Downy Jr.

Robert Downy Super Hero movie I've ever seen!...Spiderman..Toby McGuire..what a wimp!..Christopher Reeves as Superman offense..but no comparison either...Batman..whatever...which one?'s as bad as James Bond..Sean Connery was the best! my opinion!..anyways I just watched "Tropic Thunder" African American (pc) impersonation I've ever seen..if ya didn't know it was him..ya'd never know it was him..great acting!..also kudos to Jack Black, Ben Stiller, and Nick Nolte who looked just like his mugshot!
Bein' that it's Thanksgiving we're now going to watch "Home for the Holidays" with Holly Hunter..and of course, Robert Downy Jr. a hilarious movie by Jodie Foster which I think is very representative of my family's Holiday experiences!
I think maybe we'll make Home for the Holidays a Thanksgiving the hell outta Home Alone..and it's funnier..checkit out..WT

Happy Turkey Day..THANKSGIVING!!

Family Style..The Late Great Stevie Ray with his brother Jimmie, doin' Family Style on a family day!...Good Stuff!..I'm sittin' home with my wife & kids, home from college.. we're havin' tacos, & burritos..smoked John Hardys turkey is comin' on Saturday..yummm..and it IS still Thanksgiving, (not Turkey Day) in my opinion..I'm Thankful for family, my health, my many other things to numerous to list..Happy Thanksgiving!..PIG OUT! load yer plate up....twice if ya healthy later
!..c ya ..have a good time with yer loved ones!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


1979 - Smashing Pumpkins - The Aeroplane Flies High - Box Set
I'm sittin' round drinkin' "Pumpkin Spice" (a coffee additive) by General foods International...(with an occasional brewski in between)
It's awesome!..every time you raise the cup, smells like fresh pumpkin pie!
Great song!..Great Box Set!..Great Year..It's the year we got married..still are!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

" The Good That Won't Come Out" Rilo of my favorite bands!

Great lyrics..I could be here "standing on a frozen lake" 'cept it's not cold enough yet..only 17 tonight with a windchill of what feels like zero!

"Let's get together and talk about the modern age.All of our friends were gathered there with their pets just talking shit about how we're all so upset about the disappearing ground.As we watch it melt...."

"It's all of the good that won't come out of us and how eventually our hands will just turn to dust,if we keep shaking them.Standing here on this frozen lake."

"I think I'll go out an embarrass myself by getting drunk and falling down in the street."...been there, done that, maybe I'll take my chances on the frozen's feckin cold here..stay warm WT
Here are all the lyrics't-Come-Out-lyrics-Rilo-Kiley/88B037A78AED019248256CB5002BB3DD

Sunday, November 16, 2008

In Spite of Ourselves-John Prine & Iris Dement

This album is SO about me/us..we're definitely NOT "The Jet Set"
We do "cold beer & weinies..not steak & martinis".
..and yes I do drink my "beer like it's oxygen"..and yes I "get things done" far as "sniffin' her undies" goes..I'm just makin' sure they need to be washed.
..a month of Sundays is 30 weeks.
..if ya wanna know what I'm talkin' 'bout, you'll hafta give it a listen.
I'm just enjoyin' life as it's handed to me..and "against all odds" I WILL "end up sittin' on a rainbow"
definitely worth checkin' of my favorites!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ted Nugent's Amboy Dukes-Tooth Fang & Claw

This album totally fecking rocks!!!!
..another one I grew up with.....(hey Goob, Dave, & Gary)

Great White Buffalo..Sasha..Free Flight..Livin' in the Woods...awesome guitar!!
Ted ROCKS!! ..I've seen him twice.. 120db..what?  I still have hearing loss.

Let's go kill some stuff.............

American Skin-41 Shots- The Boss

"Is it a gun, is it a knife 
Is it a wallet, this is your life". Classic, tragic true song! 

Illegal Smile-John Prine

I used to have one of those occasionally. I don',t cuz I can't find my pinchy.
..if I ever do find it.."Wontcha Please Tell the Judge I didn't kill any one"
I was just tryin' ta have me some fun.

Sam Stone-John Prine

"Sweet songs never last to long on a broken radio"
This song is dedicated to all of our veterans.
..any song by John Prine is great!
"It's a Big Old Goofy World"
I've seen John in concert many times, and each one was excellent!

Time Was-Wishbone Ash

Time was..I'm tired of tryin' to think of somethin' amusing for y'all. 
..bein' that I like music so much..
I'm switchin' from so called humor, to song reviews/opinions.
Give the suggested songs a listen & lemme know watcha think.
I grew up to Wishbone 'em on the piano..they're still great!

Friday, November 14, 2008

East Hastings-Godspeed You Black Emperor-F# A# (Infinity)

"We are trapped in the belly of this horrible machine, and the machine is bleeding to death." Few albums begin with such promise and foreboding, but this first full-length from Godspeed You Black Emperor is definitely worth a listen!
I first heard them when I worked at Broadway Records selling lots of good music, I also saw them at the 400 Bar in the Twin Cities.. a small blue collar bar that brings in some really awesome of the most memorable shows I've ever seen!..and I've forgotten a lot! I'll always remember that show..B&W videos scrawling across the backstage to go with their awesome & very haunting music!..check 'em out..I love 'em!  WT

Surfin' Safari

tonight I'm "Surfin' on Safari"
Apple's new browser..once I FTFO.
It's very fast!..check it's cool!
..elsewise I'm just hangin' & stayin' warm & blah blah bloggin' this weekend..sposta  be around a high of 30 here over the weekend..which will seem like T-shirt weather in a couple's all relative to the time of season here in SmallSota..c ya fer now..Stay Warm..WT

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bitch/Dumb Ass- Gary US Bonds

Cody..The "Dumb Ass" was just up stealin' unbaked chocolate cake that my wife was about to bake..

let it be known that she IS NOT the "bitch"'s just the name of the song..sweetest gal I ever met 30 some years ago!...still is..

Cody was banished to the basement until the cake is done...Cody..He's still a 3 year old dumb ass, actin' like a 3 month old puppy..he'll probably never grow up..I probably won't either=)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ripple- The Grateful Dead

I'm watchin' the Country Music Award's right now..lotsa great performers..Martina!..I like country, amongst most all other music..heard some great songs..& reminded me of one of the greatest of all time.."Ripple". by The Dead as you should all know..if yer ever havin' a down day..or moment..(I don't let down moments turn into down days..I just drop 'em)..just start whistlin' Ripple, and
"If my words did glow with the gold of sunshine.. La dee da da da" wonders..It'll make ya happy..c ya WT
& hey, when did Darius Rucker..of Hootie & the Blowfish go country?'s of the best voices I've heard

I'll Fix yer Flat Tire Merle - Pure Prairie League

..back to lovin' my car.. I didn't mention, I just bought it..97 Sebring Lxi..

Drove it for almost a day, and a rear tire blew out...I mean it's f*cked..totally unrepairable!

So I shop around for new tires, lookin' fer a place to gimme credit, cuz I ain't got no money..finally found a place, but they had to order the tires..takes a week & a half..must be those really good ones from Timbuktu!

..anyways, it's been sittin' in my garage with it's Donut on..

..I'm there eatin' donuts, & still crankin' Nugent..gettin' a bit lightheaded though..

Mayb's I should open the door or shut off the's 'bout outta gas anyway.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

California Stars-Billy Bragg & Wilco-Mermaid Avenue- Woody Guthrie Songs!

I was sittin' upstairs tonight & damn near got caught up with "Dancing with the Stars" again.
..ya know, guys & girls? .. all the hotties dancin' in skimpy dancewear?
I used ta watch it when it first came out...
Now I prefer "The Sarah Conner's Chronicles" & "Prison Break"
I need some action! on (FOX).
..or some "Faction"!...I'll take Discovery, NatGeo, Travel, or History channel over most major networks anyday!
If there's "57 channels with nuthin' on"
I've always got Billy Bragg & Wilco, doin' Woody Guthrie!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm in love with my car - Mike Ness

...yes, I am in in love with my NEW car, a new/old '97 Chrysler Sebring line..kickass Pioneer stereo system.."What?" hearing loss is happening all ready...

you may know this song from Queen..but I like Mike Ness ..Social Distortion more..annnd..I think summa my posts are gettin' to long..sooo, I'll end now & go crank some Nugent in my new car...later. WT=)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Talkin' Shit about a Pretty Sunset - Modest Mouse

...awesome song title by one of my favorite bands.."Modest Mouse"

also check out "Missed the Boat" & "Spittin' Venom"

..point is, that they are all pretty sunsets..

If yer watchin' the sunset, ya made it through another good, or crappy day.

Hells Bells...yer still suck up yer bitches, and appreciate what ya got!

..things could always be worse!

Wake up, be Happy & enjoy the's a new day..& yer awake!
Sorry, if I got to deep for you..(not really)..these are my "Deep Thoughts" WT

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Comfortably Numb..or Dumb - Pink Floyd of the best songs ever, 'specially the guitar!

...just came back from "Joe's Garage"..celebratin' the results of the last 24 hours!..talkin' ..election,, & movies, Dumb & Dumber came up &, here is their story.

We hosted collegiate baseball players in our home for many years. They played for a local team in town to get more experience, here is the the story of Dumb & Dumber...different names have been used to protect the dumb/innocent..

We were called "The Cursed" host family, cuz all the players that came to stay with us got injured..sure enough, "Dumb" came along and injured his back & had ta they sent us "Dumber"...

(let it be known that everyone that ever stayed with us were great people..we're still friends & in touch with many of them..this is just the story of one "Sumber".)

..sooo "Dumber" got here, & watta ya know, "Dumb" got better, so they sent him back to us too...Hell, we got room fer 2!

..that's where the fun started, they used to go out after the games..hell, they're college kids..watta ya expect? such night around 4am they came FREAKIN..into the house yellin'.. "We're scared man we're feckin scared"..the cops are after us!...apparently they pulled up to the wrong place at the wrong time...the cops were after some juvie's on bicycles..messin' with the neighbors house...

...sooo we shut the shades ...tell Dumb & Dumber to shut the feck up & go to bed, while we spy on the cops.."cheez-n-rice" (that's PC, for JC..not that I care 'bout PC)..they get the dogs out & everything!..they're lookin' around our backyard for these juvie's, & can't find ' they find D&D's truck parked with a handle of Jack & Bacardi sittin' in the bed..

They dump the booze in the street..damn shame..and open the truck & turn the lights on...pull 'round the corner & wait for someone to notice, & come turn 'em dumb do they think we are anyway?...D&D are crashed/passed out by now...& we're still spyin' on the popo..we figured..hellwithit.. let the battery die & we'll jump 'em in the the morning..which we didn't, cuz we had our own baseball game to go to..D&D were on their own..with no booze & a dead battery! of the more memorable nights of our hosting career..more later, if ya can stand it...WT

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

From the Beginning - Emerson Lake & Palmer

YES WE CAN!!..and we will!

What a great night for my opinion!

It's a new "beginning!"

Good-Bye "W"

Good morning America "How are you?" (Arlo Guthrie! "The City of New Orleans")

..watched the acceptance speech, and I'd never seen so many HAPPY smiling faces...including my own! glass is half full for our Great Country..God Bless It! 'nuf said, WT

Take Yer Pants Off & Jacket - Blink 182

Happy Election Day..I voted.. (hint, middle class, living paycheck to paycheck) and I'm feckin sick of all vicious ads I've seen for way to long

So I'm writing about somethin' to get my, and your minds off all that.

Dressing styles of the weird and unusual.

I was sittin' in Central Park, aka Smokin' Park today havin' a smoke with some co workers..all girls by the way.

There was a guy in the park sportin' one-o-those "Lets see how low my pants can go until I either trip on them or they actually feckin' fall off"

Fortunately he had some whitey tighties on that stayed up..

I don't wanna see no ass cracks in the park while I'm tryin' to enjoy my break.

Where's my spackle..that crack would be no more!

Over his tighties appeared to be a pair of boxers, which he'd pull up a little occasionally..he never did attempt to pull his 5 sizes to big jeans up.

Granted we could've looked the other way..and we did..altough we were all waiting to see him trip when his pants fell down..

That woulda been hilfeckinlarious..serve ya right fer dressin' so feckin' stupid!

none of the girls found it at all attractive, and I've always found it hard to understand why anyone would wanna dress that way.

I guess to each his own, Next time, do "yer own" in another park..not the one I'm sittin' in.

..any explanations for this odd new style of dress.

Later WT..I've got my spackle and, Uptowns got hers, so keep yer feckin' pants up will ya?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Time - Hootie and The Blowfish

Carl in Fall at 3:30am on Kitty Dope

Carl in Spring @ 4:30am
or Spring..after Kitty Dope! of the best band names ever..

Daylight Savings Time, and Standard Time..

everyone goes through it, it gets darker earlier or later at night..

and vice versa in the morning...

unless you live in Arizona, which from what I understand..(and that's not a whole lot)..never change their times..

..perhaps they're more concerned for their pets..the 4leggers who don't give a shit about time changes!

They just wanna eat on regular schedule.

I'll be gettin' up with Chip, Cody, & Carl at 3:30am 'steada 4:30am for about the next month now..

It kinda balances out, cuz in Spring they get up later.

..anybody else been through this ordeal with yer 4leggers"

..are horses like that?
Lemme know, see ya ..WT

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Road Trip -Steriogram

1980 somethin' after work at the 'Rigger.
Me & Drooper used to tend bar together at the 'Rigger, and once in a while we'd party after the bar closed..imagine that.
I think my wife kinda dreaded Drooper & I, cuz we usually found a way to get into trouble.
One such night after consuming a "couple" o beers and various other intoxicants..we'd been up all night and were sitting on my deck (yes, I mean DECK..ya know, the wooden thing on the back of yer house)
We were thinkin' 'bout goin' fishin' and practicing our casting skills.
The mailman came by & we casted at him with a Fat Rap with a bunch o treble hooks on it..fortunately we missed.
Then we decided it would be good day for a Road Trip..not one of our best ideas. ...anyway we through a case o Leinies in the back of the truck,grabbed the shotgun...decided to hunt instead of fish...the only thing we hunted were the flying Leinie bottles we consumed..actually hit few of 'em. after being up all night, and getting lost on our road trip we ended up at the Nasty Habit, a bar in we needed to go to a bar..had a "few" there and figured we should head home.
..and as luck would have it, we got pulled over on the way home.
The trooper asked if we'd been drinking
"a couple"... that means anything from 2 to 22 in coptalk..
Drooper was baggin' zzzz's after our long adventure and woke up wondering where his glasses were...the nice officer said "They're on the floor next to your beer"
...this is SO not good... drivin' after a "couple" to bottle..and to top it off the damn shotgun still had a shell in it..
..the nice officer was either having a good day, or didn't wanna deal with all the BS reports he'd hafta write up on a couple of idiots out on their road trip..
..anyways he told us to go to the next town and get somethin' to eat, some coffee, and go home..
Yes Sir Thank you Sir, have a good night sir we'll do that...and we did..and made it home safely..
...haven't seen Drooper for many years ..might be a good thing..Later WT