Tuesday, November 11, 2008

California Stars-Billy Bragg & Wilco-Mermaid Avenue- Woody Guthrie Songs!

I was sittin' upstairs tonight & damn near got caught up with "Dancing with the Stars" again.
..ya know, guys & girls? .. all the hotties dancin' in skimpy dancewear?
I used ta watch it when it first came out...
Now I prefer "The Sarah Conner's Chronicles" & "Prison Break"
I need some action! on (FOX).
..or some "Faction"!...I'll take Discovery, NatGeo, Travel, or History channel over most major networks anyday!
If there's "57 channels with nuthin' on"
I've always got Billy Bragg & Wilco, doin' Woody Guthrie!

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fiona said...

I'm loving True Blood HBO. You should check it out. Plenty of "action" and I'm starting to become quite Vampire friendly!