Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'll Fix yer Flat Tire Merle - Pure Prairie League

..back to lovin' my car.. I didn't mention, I just bought it..97 Sebring Lxi..

Drove it for almost a day, and a rear tire blew out...I mean it's f*cked..totally unrepairable!

So I shop around for new tires, lookin' fer a place to gimme credit, cuz I ain't got no money..finally found a place, but they had to order the tires..takes a week & a half..must be those really good ones from Timbuktu!

..anyways, it's been sittin' in my garage with it's Donut on..

..I'm there eatin' donuts, & still crankin' Nugent..gettin' a bit lightheaded though..

Mayb's I should open the door or shut off the's 'bout outta gas anyway.

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