Sunday, November 2, 2008

Road Trip -Steriogram

1980 somethin' after work at the 'Rigger.
Me & Drooper used to tend bar together at the 'Rigger, and once in a while we'd party after the bar closed..imagine that.
I think my wife kinda dreaded Drooper & I, cuz we usually found a way to get into trouble.
One such night after consuming a "couple" o beers and various other intoxicants..we'd been up all night and were sitting on my deck (yes, I mean DECK..ya know, the wooden thing on the back of yer house)
We were thinkin' 'bout goin' fishin' and practicing our casting skills.
The mailman came by & we casted at him with a Fat Rap with a bunch o treble hooks on it..fortunately we missed.
Then we decided it would be good day for a Road Trip..not one of our best ideas. ...anyway we through a case o Leinies in the back of the truck,grabbed the shotgun...decided to hunt instead of fish...the only thing we hunted were the flying Leinie bottles we consumed..actually hit few of 'em. after being up all night, and getting lost on our road trip we ended up at the Nasty Habit, a bar in we needed to go to a bar..had a "few" there and figured we should head home.
..and as luck would have it, we got pulled over on the way home.
The trooper asked if we'd been drinking
"a couple"... that means anything from 2 to 22 in coptalk..
Drooper was baggin' zzzz's after our long adventure and woke up wondering where his glasses were...the nice officer said "They're on the floor next to your beer"
...this is SO not good... drivin' after a "couple" to bottle..and to top it off the damn shotgun still had a shell in it..
..the nice officer was either having a good day, or didn't wanna deal with all the BS reports he'd hafta write up on a couple of idiots out on their road trip..
..anyways he told us to go to the next town and get somethin' to eat, some coffee, and go home..
Yes Sir Thank you Sir, have a good night sir we'll do that...and we did..and made it home safely..
...haven't seen Drooper for many years ..might be a good thing..Later WT

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fiona said...

I like Drooper, send him to me for christmas? If you find him.