Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Take Yer Pants Off & Jacket - Blink 182

Happy Election Day..I voted.. (hint, middle class, living paycheck to paycheck) and I'm feckin sick of all vicious ads I've seen for way to long

So I'm writing about somethin' to get my, and your minds off all that.

Dressing styles of the weird and unusual.

I was sittin' in Central Park, aka Smokin' Park today havin' a smoke with some co workers..all girls by the way.

There was a guy in the park sportin' one-o-those "Lets see how low my pants can go until I either trip on them or they actually feckin' fall off"

Fortunately he had some whitey tighties on that stayed up..

I don't wanna see no ass cracks in the park while I'm tryin' to enjoy my break.

Where's my spackle..that crack would be no more!

Over his tighties appeared to be a pair of boxers, which he'd pull up a little occasionally..he never did attempt to pull his 5 sizes to big jeans up.

Granted we could've looked the other way..and we did..altough we were all waiting to see him trip when his pants fell down..

That woulda been hilfeckinlarious..serve ya right fer dressin' so feckin' stupid!

none of the girls found it at all attractive, and I've always found it hard to understand why anyone would wanna dress that way.

I guess to each his own, Next time, do "yer own" in another park..not the one I'm sittin' in.

..any explanations for this odd new style of dress.

Later WT..I've got my spackle and, Uptowns got hers, so keep yer feckin' pants up will ya?

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fiona said...

OMG, Scoot wears his pants down over his arse but it's because he's got a belly and needs to friggin GROW up instead of out!