Monday, November 3, 2008

Time - Hootie and The Blowfish

Carl in Fall at 3:30am on Kitty Dope

Carl in Spring @ 4:30am
or Spring..after Kitty Dope! of the best band names ever..

Daylight Savings Time, and Standard Time..

everyone goes through it, it gets darker earlier or later at night..

and vice versa in the morning...

unless you live in Arizona, which from what I understand..(and that's not a whole lot)..never change their times..

..perhaps they're more concerned for their pets..the 4leggers who don't give a shit about time changes!

They just wanna eat on regular schedule.

I'll be gettin' up with Chip, Cody, & Carl at 3:30am 'steada 4:30am for about the next month now..

It kinda balances out, cuz in Spring they get up later.

..anybody else been through this ordeal with yer 4leggers"

..are horses like that?
Lemme know, see ya ..WT

1 comment:

fiona said...

I make a point of always feeding my horses at different times within a 2hour window to avoid exactly what yer twittering about :)