Saturday, November 15, 2008

Time Was-Wishbone Ash

Time was..I'm tired of tryin' to think of somethin' amusing for y'all. 
..bein' that I like music so much..
I'm switchin' from so called humor, to song reviews/opinions.
Give the suggested songs a listen & lemme know watcha think.
I grew up to Wishbone 'em on the piano..they're still great!


fiona said...

Great Brit band!
Album band back home, everyone had a Wishbone Ash album in their collection but no singles.
My very first ever single was T-Rex, Ride a White do the math ;)
What was yours?

weirdtales said...

The first I can remember was "Shoot em up Baby" by Andy parents didn't like the name..I used to listen to my brothers Innagaddadavida alot too. First LP I bought was The Partridge Family Album.."I Think I Love You"..David Cassidy...What a sap!..SO, who's older? by doin' the math..

fiona said...

I'm just feckin old...sigh