Friday, October 10, 2008

Carl n Cody

As promised I'll write some funny stuff about two of my best friends, Carl and Cody. They are both pictured on my blog.
Cody is a yellow lab..about 80 lbs...beautiful dog..runs and leaps like horse! in Carl Spackler, named by my an an 8 lb. tabby/tiger looking cat who found us as we were sitting around our fire pit one night...and he moved in =)..please post if anyone knows who Carl Spackler is..I'll give you a hint..He's a "Cinderella Boy"
Anyways, Carl was about 3 lbs when he "found us" and Cody and Carl became "soul mates"..Carl has all his claws and can certainly handle himself against now you know the history..
They grew up chasing and attacking each other, and they still do.
FUNNY STUFF: Cody will be laying on the floor, and Carl will just come up and attack him..bite onto his flabby lips, chew on his legs, and hang off his collar.
Cody will retaliate by putting his huge paw on Carl and gently chewing on his head..they'll go at it for quite a while..depends how much catnip Carl has had=)
MORE FUNNY STUFF: Cody..the horse like dog will go running across our big backyard after Carl..just when he gets there Carl will leap 3 feet into the air and Cody will run under him..Carl runs up a tree and waits for Cody, jumps out and attack him..they're truly "soul mates" hilarious to watch!
GROSS STUFF: Cody can be two floors away from Carl, as Carl is in his box takin' a shit...Cody will jump up at the smell to run down and grab his "Snack"..he loves cat shit!
REALLY GROSS STUFF: Carl was in our big backyard one day & caught a baby rabbit..Cody was out & heard the sqeeeeeeeeeeeealing of the rabbit...ran over & stole it from Carl & swallowed it whole..not a bite..ish..yuk!
Now you know about two of my pets.."The Soul mates"
They're laying next to each other right now.
send me some pet stories if you want..
I'll end now..c ya.. weirdtales