Saturday, October 25, 2008

Almost cut my hair

I'm gonna try this song title posting thing too..CSNY..actually I did cut my hair..took my Peyton Manning picture in & said I want it cut like sideburns..been workin' for me for years..went to Great Clips, and had a GUY cut it..never seen a guy there before..he was a computer programmer cuttin' hair at Great Clips..go figure..anyways I was the chatty Cathy, bein' that I just read Figaro..I was talkin' blogs with him..told him I'd probably be writing about him in a few minutes, and referred him to Mental Poo for some laughs..he even wrote it down..hope he enjoys you mooog..I feel much better & lighter headed now..left a big pile of gray shet on the floor..I mean hair..c ya WT

Joe's Garage..Zappa

Time Out...whenever I get sicka cleanin' , bloggin', or whatever mundane task I may be doing at the time, I'll grab a couple beers & head to the "Man Garage"..a place not far from here where you can smoke, drink, and bitch and/or delight about life's pleasures and complaints. It's a great place to go..better than any bar..great posters on the door..(when it's the colder seasons) can even smash yer beer cans on the floor...gotta p? ..( just go out back..if yer a guy after dark =)... There's always a good football or baseball game, or some good Rock-n-Roll on the radio..if it's Rock, we can pretty much name every tune, and the history of the band playing it..until later, when the cans start to pile up..send me some stuff about yer "Garage"/Time Out place
check out the new pics...WT