Sunday, October 26, 2008

Don't eat the yellow snow...Zappa

Nanook the eskimoe...OMG..I said earlier that the weather was shetty..NOW it's feckin snowin' ta beat hell!.."although"..(I love that wird)..I guess that's pretty normal for my location at this time of year..maybe I'll go make a snowman=)

It's a beautiful day U2

actually it's a shetty day..."although" (apparently I like that wird, cuz I use it a lot) any day that you wake up on should be considered a good day..cuz you woke up..I was gonna mow the leaves off of the backyard, but the feckin mower won't's cold & windy as hell..I'll just stay in my warm basement & blog & maybe vak..(my new wird 4 vacuum..cuz vacuum is a pain in the ass to 'member how to spell)..obviously I'm kind of a chatty Cathy today..not much else to do..did you know that the ABC song & Twinkle Twinkle Little Star are one in the same?..worth a mention, cuz I'm 'bout to alphabetize my CD collection in my warm basement..I'll letcha know how that goes later..c ya, WT

American Idiot

OK..I'm kinda likin' this song postin' thing...butttt...I'm tryin' to figure out how to put all these images into my posting, so my blog will be as cool as those I follow..gimme time & I'll FTFO or you could just send me some advice..later..I'll keep tryin' to FTFO..WT

I'm the Slime

..apparently..I'm sittin' here contemplating what to write..maybe that means I shouldn't write at all..but I'm gonna suck it up & suffer through it. apparently, I'm the Slime (Frank Zappa, by the way) on my Facebook. I've been defriended by both of my kids, one cuz I commented on a picture of Edward 40 hands..a guy with two 40 oz's duct taped to his hands..the other, cuz I spoke to one of their friends about his impeccable taste in music..I guess that is taboo old neighbor also ditched me, I'm guessing cuz of my link to this blog which may have been to..shall I say "risque" for his tastes..guess I don't care much about other peoples "tastes"..and I'll just keep writin' whatever the hell I want...'sides I've got plenty of other friends..there, I'm done venting..have I been venting?..seems that way..better do a spellcheck..lotta .75 cent wirds in this..later WT