Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Loose Leaves

Rented leaves

Ahh yes the leaves are falling again here in lovely minisoda ..."ya know it's like a BIG soda but smaller"

The neighbors are all out rakin' their arses off..but why?..there are still leaves on the many feckin times ya wanna rake anyway?

I like rakin' it's nonce, cuz I no longer own my leaves, I rent them.

I was blabbin' to the crabber man (my neighbor) today & he asked when I'm gonna rake my leaves.

"Not my leaves, sides that why dontcha wait til the feckin trees are bare!"

"Wait even longer & they'll all blow down to the dope dealers house at the end of the street!" ta hell with rakin rented leaves that'll blow away anyway, I'm gonna keep workin' on my alphabetizing CDs where it's warm. the way Loose Leaves is by Brighteyes..guess I coulda gone with blowin' in the wind..

Thanks to fiona for the "feckin" permits & poo for the "Grabby Bunghole!!" c ya