Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pissin' in The Wind Jerry Jeff Walker, one of the Greatest artists ever! we go..
Cody usually wakes me at 3:30 am..he's stealing my smelly slippers, socks, or underwear..never eats 'em..just likes to steal 'em.
4:30 he really wants me to get up
I set my alarm for 5:01 am but I usually get up anyway...he's gotta pee like a racehorse..usually I do to..and I hafta find my slippers.
..So I get to pee first, cuz he must have a bladder the size of an elephant..and I don't..mine's more like a sparrow..I warm up of a leftover Cup-o-Joe..cuz I know he can wait 90 more seconds..grab a smoke & try to find my lighter..and finally BDAY, and Chip get to go out & drain the main vein..they usually won't leave the deck until I join them ,(that'll change when it's 20 below) I'll have my smoke..a 100, B4 Cody's done pissin'... he pisses for a LONG time..then I go get ready fer werk..let 'em out a couple more times...& of course when I'm ready to leave ..he's on patrol..checkin' out all the rabbit "shet" that may be around the yard..we go through the same process after work!...more later..WT
(fiona..I thought fer a minute u wer refferin' to me..c ya WT)