Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Comfortably Numb..or Dumb - Pink Floyd of the best songs ever, 'specially the guitar!

...just came back from "Joe's Garage"..celebratin' the results of the last 24 hours!..talkin' ..election,, & movies, Dumb & Dumber came up &, here is their story.

We hosted collegiate baseball players in our home for many years. They played for a local team in town to get more experience, here is the the story of Dumb & Dumber...different names have been used to protect the dumb/innocent..

We were called "The Cursed" host family, cuz all the players that came to stay with us got injured..sure enough, "Dumb" came along and injured his back & had ta they sent us "Dumber"...

(let it be known that everyone that ever stayed with us were great people..we're still friends & in touch with many of them..this is just the story of one "Sumber".)

..sooo "Dumber" got here, & watta ya know, "Dumb" got better, so they sent him back to us too...Hell, we got room fer 2!

..that's where the fun started, they used to go out after the games..hell, they're college kids..watta ya expect? such night around 4am they came FREAKIN..into the house yellin'.. "We're scared man we're feckin scared"..the cops are after us!...apparently they pulled up to the wrong place at the wrong time...the cops were after some juvie's on bicycles..messin' with the neighbors house...

...sooo we shut the shades ...tell Dumb & Dumber to shut the feck up & go to bed, while we spy on the cops.."cheez-n-rice" (that's PC, for JC..not that I care 'bout PC)..they get the dogs out & everything!..they're lookin' around our backyard for these juvie's, & can't find ' they find D&D's truck parked with a handle of Jack & Bacardi sittin' in the bed..

They dump the booze in the street..damn shame..and open the truck & turn the lights on...pull 'round the corner & wait for someone to notice, & come turn 'em dumb do they think we are anyway?...D&D are crashed/passed out by now...& we're still spyin' on the popo..we figured..hellwithit.. let the battery die & we'll jump 'em in the the morning..which we didn't, cuz we had our own baseball game to go to..D&D were on their own..with no booze & a dead battery! of the more memorable nights of our hosting career..more later, if ya can stand it...WT