Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ripple- The Grateful Dead

I'm watchin' the Country Music Award's right now..lotsa great performers..Martina!..I like country, amongst most all other music..heard some great songs..& reminded me of one of the greatest of all time.."Ripple". by The Dead as you should all know..if yer ever havin' a down day..or moment..(I don't let down moments turn into down days..I just drop 'em)..just start whistlin' Ripple, and
"If my words did glow with the gold of sunshine.. La dee da da da" wonders..It'll make ya happy..c ya WT
& hey, when did Darius Rucker..of Hootie & the Blowfish go country?'s of the best voices I've heard

I'll Fix yer Flat Tire Merle - Pure Prairie League

..back to lovin' my car.. I didn't mention, I just bought it..97 Sebring Lxi..

Drove it for almost a day, and a rear tire blew out...I mean it's f*cked..totally unrepairable!

So I shop around for new tires, lookin' fer a place to gimme credit, cuz I ain't got no money..finally found a place, but they had to order the tires..takes a week & a half..must be those really good ones from Timbuktu!

..anyways, it's been sittin' in my garage with it's Donut on..

..I'm there eatin' donuts, & still crankin' Nugent..gettin' a bit lightheaded though..

Mayb's I should open the door or shut off the's 'bout outta gas anyway.