Friday, November 14, 2008

East Hastings-Godspeed You Black Emperor-F# A# (Infinity)

"We are trapped in the belly of this horrible machine, and the machine is bleeding to death." Few albums begin with such promise and foreboding, but this first full-length from Godspeed You Black Emperor is definitely worth a listen!
I first heard them when I worked at Broadway Records selling lots of good music, I also saw them at the 400 Bar in the Twin Cities.. a small blue collar bar that brings in some really awesome of the most memorable shows I've ever seen!..and I've forgotten a lot! I'll always remember that show..B&W videos scrawling across the backstage to go with their awesome & very haunting music!..check 'em out..I love 'em!  WT

Surfin' Safari

tonight I'm "Surfin' on Safari"
Apple's new browser..once I FTFO.
It's very fast!..check it's cool!
..elsewise I'm just hangin' & stayin' warm & blah blah bloggin' this weekend..sposta  be around a high of 30 here over the weekend..which will seem like T-shirt weather in a couple's all relative to the time of season here in SmallSota..c ya fer now..Stay Warm..WT