Thursday, November 27, 2008

Movie Reviews..Robert Downy Jr.

Robert Downy Super Hero movie I've ever seen!...Spiderman..Toby McGuire..what a wimp!..Christopher Reeves as Superman offense..but no comparison either...Batman..whatever...which one?'s as bad as James Bond..Sean Connery was the best! my opinion!..anyways I just watched "Tropic Thunder" African American (pc) impersonation I've ever seen..if ya didn't know it was him..ya'd never know it was him..great acting!..also kudos to Jack Black, Ben Stiller, and Nick Nolte who looked just like his mugshot!
Bein' that it's Thanksgiving we're now going to watch "Home for the Holidays" with Holly Hunter..and of course, Robert Downy Jr. a hilarious movie by Jodie Foster which I think is very representative of my family's Holiday experiences!
I think maybe we'll make Home for the Holidays a Thanksgiving the hell outta Home Alone..and it's funnier..checkit out..WT

Happy Turkey Day..THANKSGIVING!!

Family Style..The Late Great Stevie Ray with his brother Jimmie, doin' Family Style on a family day!...Good Stuff!..I'm sittin' home with my wife & kids, home from college.. we're havin' tacos, & burritos..smoked John Hardys turkey is comin' on Saturday..yummm..and it IS still Thanksgiving, (not Turkey Day) in my opinion..I'm Thankful for family, my health, my many other things to numerous to list..Happy Thanksgiving!..PIG OUT! load yer plate up....twice if ya healthy later
!..c ya ..have a good time with yer loved ones!