Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Multitudes

April 6, 2012 Often, an artist can be defined by his or her influences. Woody Guthrie's legacy demands instead that he be remembered for the legendary writers he influenced. Guthrie's music inspired musicians from Bob Dylan to Bruce Springsteen, and his career as a Dust Bowl troubadour became representative of more than just American folk music. He wrote music that represented the American experience. Covers, tribute albums and festivals have been arranged in his memory, but this year, four artists teamed up to embark on a different way to honor Guthrie's music. New Multitudes pays homage to Guthrie's songwriting, but not in a traditional sense. The album — featuring Jay Farrar of Son Volt, Will Johnson of Centro-matic, Anders Parker of Varnaline and Space Needle, and Jim James of My Morning Jacket, also known as Yim Yames — doesn't cover Guthrie's best-known works. Instead, the album is based on unrecorded material from Guthrie's archives. The four musicians fleshed out his unused lyrics, an experience that was more about letting Guthrie's music speak to them than trying to make it their own. The resulting collection stands as a creative celebration of Guthrie's 100th birthday.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Boys & Girls out 4-10-12....can't wait!!

North Shore Sessions..say it fast..and check it out

About NSS

North Shore Sessions started by accident in a barn just south of Duluth, MN, where in the Fall of 2010 a group of friends — musicians, artists, companions, and competitive marshmallow eaters — gathered for a casual, chilly weekend of recording music and shooting photography & video. After putting one of the videos online, it seemed like a good idea for the sessions to keep going in the form of a larger project. NSS now features local as well as nationally-touring artists performing in unlikely locations — barns, greenhouses, railroad tunnels, former orphanages, abandoned buildings, and eventually the moon.

NSS does not have any funding or elaborate stage lighting — just the musicians, the location, and a small group of awesome volunteers. This mobility and lack of flashy production encourages spontaneity and offers viewers a much more intimate, honest relationship with the performance

K stuff ,,worth checkin' out!!